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#1 – Brent Truitt (CEO of Bonavista Web Inc.)

I was laid off from Air Canada over 13 years ago, and didn’t know what I was going to do. I decided I would give up the flight benefits, the pension, and the security of 16 years seniority – I had to be free.I enrolled in the MKS business training class and the started everything in the right direction. I learned how to set up my business properly the first time – instead of setting up myself for failure. I’m glad I did. We now enjoy the freedom of being self employed. We earn 3 times what my wife and I both made combined at the airlines and we have the freedom to be snowbirds in the winter. Without the solid training and inspiration I received at MKS Learning we never would have made it. Thanks to the ALL the staff, Rick and Cliff. You helped change our lives in the most remarkable way.

#2 – Courtney Neal (Prairie Palette Gardens)

I can’t imagine what my business would look like today without the knowledge and know how MKS shared with me.

#3 – Tara Hrushka (Go-Getters Inc.)

MKS helped to make my business a reality. They gave me confidence, kept me on track and gave me sound advice. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the program. Thank you MKS!

#4 – Dino Esposito (Media Dog Productions Inc.)

MKS was the bridge that I needed to get myself from working for someone to working for myself.

#5 – Heather McCullough (The Elisabeth House)

MKS gave me the encouragement & support I needed to reach my entrepreneurial goals.

#6 – Betty Macperson-Veitch, BSW, RSW (Aging at Home)

I strongly believe that MKS delivers what they promise. I don’t think that I would be still going on without the program. I am eternally grateful to MKS and all the staff for their support.